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Raising productivity is arguably the central economic challenge in the UK. The Productivity Insights Network is an ESRC funded network of researchers, policymakers, intermediaries and businesses working to identify, advance and implement new insights to address the productivity puzzle in the UK.

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The Productivity Insights Network aims to stimulate new directions in productivity research with high impact potential.

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Thoughts from our Advisory Board Chair, Lord Jim O’Neill

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I am delighted to Chair the International Advisory Board of the ESRC-funded Productivity Insights Network led by the University of Sheffield. This programme of research and engagement is an important…

How Business Schools Can Help Unlock the Productivity Puzzle!

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The question of weak global productivity is a story that continues to dominate the mainstream media. Yet businesses tend not to be overly concerned with issues of productivity, per se,…

Productivity debate needs a reboot, in theory and practice

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Ideas from many disciplines are needed to understand and address the UK’s distinctive problems, say the leaders of a new research network. The Nobel prizewinning economist Paul Krugman famously quipped…