Our Team

The Productivity Insights Network core team comprise a number of leading academics and professionals engaged in productivity research from different perspectives. The aim of the Productivity Insights Network is to stimulate new interdisciplinary directions in productivity research and foster engagement with business, intermediaries and policymaking communities.



Professor Philip McCann (Sheffield)

Deputy Director

Professor Tim Vorley (Sheffield)


WP Leads

Professor Colin Mason (Glasgow)

Education & Skills Lead

Dr Maria Abreu (Cambridge)

Richard Lewney (Cambridge Econometrics)

Work & Employment Lead

Dr Kirsty Newsome (Sheffield)

Professor Andrew Henley (Cardiff)

Investment Lead

Professor Richard Harris (Durham)

Johnathan Cook (SQW)

Health, Wellbeing & Demography Lead

Dr Katerina Lisenkova (Strathclyde)

Richard Gardiner (Cambridge Econometrics)

Innovation & Enterprise Lead

Professor Robert Huggins (Cardiff)

Data Director

Professor Vania Sena (Essex)

Governance Lead

Professor Gary Dymski (Leeds)

ECR Lead

Dr Leaza McSorely (GCU)

Infrastructure Lead

Professor Iain Docherty (Glasgow)

Management & Support Staff

NW Manager Kate Penney (Sheffield) KE/Comms Officer Phil Wallace (Sheffield)

For more information about the team or the work of the Productivity Insights Network you can contact us here.

International Advisory Board

The Productivity Insights Network has a highly experienced and active international Advisory Board chaired by Lord Jim O’Neill providing oversight to the work of the core team and the wider project, as well as ensuring its wider relevance to business, practitioner and policymaking communities.

Board Members

Lord Jim O’Neill (Chair) Professor Henri de Groot (Netherlands Socio-Economic Council) Professor Arthur Grimes (Aus/NZ Productivity Commission)
Professor Jonathan Haskell (Imperial) Professor Sarah Brown (Sheffield/Low Pay Commission) Mr Andy Williams
Dr Douglas Dawson (Liberty Industries Group) Professor Robert Inklaar (University of Groningen) Professor Tony Venables CBE, (Oxford University)
Professor Sir Alan Wilson (Turing Institute) Andrew Paterson (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) Dr Ekkehard Ernst (International Labour Organisation)
Jim Bell (ARUP) Dr Philip Wales (Office for National Statistics) Dan Hodges (Innovate UK)
Dr Joaquim Oliveira-Martins (OECD) Johanna Cowan (HM Treasury) Dr Dan Mawson (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy)
Professor James Wilsdon (PI of Nexus+) Tony Danker/Dr Melissa Carson (Be the Business)

For more information about the International Advisory Board or the work of the Productivity Insights Network you can contact us here.