The Productivity Insights Network is about bringing together researchers, policymakers, practitioners and businesses to develop new insights about the productivity puzzle in theory and practice. By providing a forum to share and develop interdisciplinary research and develop thinking to impact practice, the Productivity Insights Network is committed to changing the tone of the debate.

We are looking to grow the membership and pursue new ideas in partnership, so if you have could contribute new insights on productivity contact us to get involved with the Productivity Insights Network.

Network Members

The non-academic organisations contributing to the Productivity Insights Network include:

  • CFE Research
  • Steer Davies Gleave
  • Be the Business
  • Sheffield City Region LEP
  • IED (Institute for Economic Development)
  • Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council
  • What Works Scotland

The contributing academic members of the Productivity Insights Network include:

  • Robert Wapshott (Sheffield)
  • Simona Iammarino (LSE)
  • Marta Gasparin (Leicester)
  • Alessandro Rosiello (Edinburgh)
  • Geogio Fazio (Newcastle)
  • Karina Neilsen (Sheffield)
  • Sarah Jewell (Reading)
  • Simonetta Longhi (Reading)
  • Jorge Martins (Sheffield)
  • Karl Taylor (Sheffield)
  • Colin Williams (Sheffield)
  • Mark Cowling (Brighton)
  • Monique Ebell (NIESR)
  • Sumon Baumik (Sheffield)
  • Zaheer Khan (Kent)
  • Colin Wren (Newcastle)
  • Jonathan Jones (Newcastle)
  • Jason Heyes (Sheffield)
  • Neil Lee (LSE)
  • Ron Martin (Cambridge)
  • Palie Smart (Bristol)
  • Katy Mason (Lancaster)
    • Colin Lizieri (Cambridge)
    • Riccardo Scarpa (Durham)
    • Craig Berry (Manchester Met)
    • Nick Williams (Leeds)
    • Aidan While (Sheffield)
    • Jon Foster (Sheffield)
    • Mark Tomlinson (Sheffield)
    • Christine Sprigg (Sheffield)
    • Rebecca Riley (NIESR)
    • Peter Tyler (Cambridge
    • Craig Watkins (Sheffield)
    • Rick Delbridge (Cardiff)
    • Lucy Budd (Loughborough)
    • Jong Shin (Newcastle)
    • William Green (Leicester)
    • Pascal Mossay (Newcastle)
    • Chay Brooks (Sheffield)
    • Jenny Roberts (Sheffield)
    • Peter Taylor (Cambridge)
    • John Moffat (Durham)
    • Martin Spring (Lancaster)
    • Simon Collison (Birmingham)

If you have something to contribute or just want to be kept up to date about out activities join our mailing list here.